Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher’s Outfit For Bills Game 

Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher’s Outfit For Bills Game 

The Cincinnati Bengals made easy work of the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s divisional round showdown.

Despite Buffalo coming in as the favorite and a team many regarded as a legitimate Super Bowl contender, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was just too much for them.

The former LSU standout finished with 242 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions on 23-of-36 passing. He ran roughshod over a Bills defense that had no answer for him from the very beginning of the game.

One person who loved what she saw out of Burrow was his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher.

Prior to kickoff, Holzmacher shared her special outfit for this crucial showdown on social media.

Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher’s Outfit For Bills Game  1

From there, unlike some other NFL partners tend to do, Holzmacher didn’t post anything else for the remainder of the outing. She stayed quiet for the entirety of the game, until it became clear that the Bengals would emerge victorious.

Then and only then did she did she post a little victory snap:

Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher’s Outfit For Bills Game  2

Holzmacher has become something of a minor celebrity throughout Burrow’s ascension to becoming one of the NFL’s best players. She caused a major stir at last weekend’s games, and her choice of attire the prior week also didn’t go unnoticed.

There is something about Burrow and Holzmacher that NFL fans find very appealing. Whether they are sharing their wild vacation photos together or partying it up at UFC events – it always seems like they are having fun together.

There is a fair case to be made that Holzmacher isn’t as popular as some NFL partners yet. But that is because she doesn’t put out the sort of racy photos and images that they do. Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s wife, for example, went viral this weekend over her crazy party pictures.

Holzmacher, meanwhile, only goes viral in connection to her support for Burrow.

Nobody really expected the Bengals to get this far again in 2023, and yet here they are.

Will Burrow and Holzmacher ultimately be able to right last season’s wrong and hoist the Super Bowl trophy together this time around? An answer one way or the other will emerge in just a few weeks.

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