Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Addresses Plastic Surgery Speculation

Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Addresses Plastic Surgery Speculation

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson suffered a knee injury in his team’s first preseason game.

Although he is expected to return in the near future, he has been keeping a low profile while nursing it back to health.

One person who hasn’t been keeping a low profile in recent days? His mom, Lisa.

This week, Lisa decided to address the growing speculation online that she has recently had plastic surgery.

Lisa’s response largely speaks for itself:

Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Addresses Plastic Surgery Speculation 1

Plastic surgery stuff notwithstanding, Lisa has been in the headlines nonstop over the last few months. Between the salacious photos from her “sexy” birthday party and her gym photo outrage – it has been one thing after another.

The woman is essentially a magnet for attention.

A lot of that obviously had to do with Lisa’s own actions. First she’ll go and introduce everyone to her best friend right as rumors are floating around that Zach slept with her best friend.

Then she turns around and complains about the scrutiny she receives.

Lisa will openly post videos of herself partying, calling herself a crack whore and dancing in provocative TikTok videos, but then say she is under an unfair magnifying glass.

In any case, hopefully as Zach makes his return to the field Lisa will become less of a mainstay in the news cycle. The 23-year-old experienced an extraordinary body transformation this past summer and there was a lot of hype about his sophomore campaign before he got hurt.

According to Jets head coach Robert Saleh, nothing has changed on that front.

“Anytime you miss reps, whether you’re a quarterback or a two-tech, it doesn’t matter,” Saleh said in a session with reporters recently. “Playing football is the best way to get better.

“Zach is doing all in his power to stay as close to where needs to be, and I expect him to catch up quick. He’s in every meeting and I expect him to pick up where he left off. I’m not concerned about Zach.”

Will Zach returning to the fold ultimately mean less of Lisa in the headlines?

Time will tell.

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