Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Outraged Over Gym Photos

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Outraged Over Gym Photos

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson finds himself in the headlines quite often. But not nearly as much as his mom, Lisa.

From the second her son was drafted, Lisa has consistently served as a mainstay in various news cycles.

And it was more of the same this week.

In a series of Instagram stories this weekend, Lisa went off on the media for allegedly following her to the gym to take photos and videos and whatnot:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Outraged Over Gym Photos 1 Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Outraged Over Gym Photos 2

“Screw the media following me to the gym,” she wrote. “I do this because of people like you.”

She then went on a long spiel about parents and social media use:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Outraged Over Gym Photos 3

Lisa is a tough nut to crack because it seems like she enjoys and revels in the attention she receives, but she also often pushes back against it as well.

Like, on one hand, she goes out and she introduces the world to her best friend amid rumors that her son, Zach, slept with her best friend.

Then she comes out this weekend and expresses annoyance with all the attention she gets.

How do you reconcile that?

Lisa freely publishes content of herself partying, turns around and calls herself a crack whore and then posts provocative TikTok videos – but then gets mad when people start commenting on her posts.

It’s genuinely odd behavior.

Big picture, Zach is getting ready for a big 2022-23 NFL season. He underwent an incredible body transformation this past summer and clearly wants to take the Jets to new heights.

If he is able to do that, and should he become one of the league’s better young quarterbacks – then his mom’s drama and nonsense will just become background noise.

That said, if he struggles – expect for Lisa to continue to steal the headlines from him going forward.

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