Jets Fans React To Colin Kaepernick Signing Rumors

Jets Fans React To Colin Kaepernick Signing Rumors

Zach Wilson went down with an injury during Friday night’s preseason game between the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles.

Because the second-year quarterback collapsed without being touched, people immediately assumed the worst.

Later reports would suggest that Wilson likely avoided a catastrophic ACL tear and had likely reinjured his right PCL, but even that would require some time for healing.

Joe Flacco was obviously brought onboard for specifically stuff like this, but he is not a guy who evokes much faith from the fan base.

Almost immediately, as happened when the Cleveland Browns needed a quarterback, the chatter about a Colin Kaepernick return commenced on social media:

The enthusiasm for Kaepernick is understandable. A lot of people feel like he didn’t get a chance to finish out his NFL career on his terms.

When the Las Vegas Raiders decided to give him a workout this summer, folks thought that maybe this was it. This would be his big return. But then the Raiders passed on signing him – and the real reason why emerged shortly thereafter.

Not long after, all the unfortunate details of Kaepernick’s Raiders workout leaked.

Since then, there hasn’t really been any substantive talk of anyone signing him.

Will that change now that the Jets clearly will need to shelf Wilson for at least some period of time?

An answer should emerge in the coming days and weeks.

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