Details Of Colin Kaepernick’s Awful Raiders Workout Leak Out

Details Of Colin Kaepernick’s Awful Raiders Workout Leak Out

The Las Vegas Raiders surprised many around the NFL in late May when they brought Colin Kaepernick in for a workout.

Kaepernick hadn’t played a game in the NFL since 2016 and most regarded the likelihood of him ever playing again at close to zero percent.

The Raiders’ decision to give Kaepernick another shot led to a lot of back-pedaling and posturing. All of a sudden, 2 other teams decided they too had interest in Kaepernick.

It seemed like a return to the NFL was imminent for the polarizing quarterback.

Since then, though? Nothing. There has been one minor update regarding why no team has actually moved forward with signing Kaepernick, but not much beyond that.

Naturally, this led to many people wondering: what happened? How did all the initial excitement regarding Kaepernick’s workout die so quickly?

This week, an answer emerged.

During an interview, NFL legend Warren Sapp revealed that Kaepernick’s workout was actually awful. In fact, he described it as “one of the worst workouts ever.”


“I heard it was a disaster,” he said. “I heard one of the worst workouts ever. I’m wondering how the hell this happened and the tape didn’t get out, right? I mean, somebody wasn’t over the fence or nothing? Come on, man.”

It’s tough to argue with Sapp’s assessment because he’s right – there has been no footage of the workout. If it truly was good, you would think Kaepernick’s team would want it out there to help raise his stock.

But to date, nothing has come out.

Because so much of the coverage surrounding Kaepernick workout has operated under the assumption that he did well, nobody even considered that the alternative would be true.

As recently as last week he was linked as a potential quarterback option for 3 different NFL teams.

But if Kaepernick was truly was as bad as Sapp suggests, that would explain why no one is pursuing him right now. And if he truly was that bad, it’s fair to assume that he will likely never get another shot in the NFL again.

For better or worse, it looks like Kaepernick’s career as a player is over.

What will his next chapter look like?

Time will tell.

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