3 Teams Emerge As Legit Colin Kaepernick Landing Spots

3 Teams Emerge As Legit Colin Kaepernick Landing Spots

Colin Kaepernick last played in the NFL back in 2016. Since then, his decision to publicly protest racial injustice prior to games rendered him persona non grata around the league.

After multiple years of failed attempts to get another shot, Kaepernick recently got a tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders. It was a stunning update to a tale that many assumed was over and done with.

As soon as the Raiders gave Kaepernick a chance, two other teams emerged from the woodwork and decided that they were interested in him as well.

So where do things currently stand?

Well, this week, three different squads were presented as potential landing spots for Kaepernick: the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers.

Oddly enough, it seems as though the Raiders are officially out of the mix now. A recent report clarified why Las Vegas has put him on the backburner despite being the squad that reignited the interest in Kaepernick to begin with.

As far as the three teams that have been mentioned as suitors – each makes sense in their own way.

Seattle, unless something changes, is going into the year with Drew Lock as the starting quarterback. That’s no bueno. He proved with the Denver Broncos that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead an offense in that capacity. It’s easy to see why Pete Carroll and Co. would be interested in having a backup plan. That said – their relationship with Kaepernick over the years has been messy.

Detroit also makes some degree of sense. Jared Goff seems way more interested in commenting on his soon-to-be wife’s provocative photos online than playing winning football these days. And while he definitely played better at the end of the season, consistency has never been his strong suit.

Finally, Carolina clearly needs to upgrade at quarterback. There is a reason why the Panthers are so adamant that they will accept Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns under one condition. But is Kaepernick the solution? It’s impossible to say.

All in all, it feels like Kaepernick has some potential leads in the pipe – but nothing definite. And while it’s nice that he is being discussed, until he actually signs on the dotted line for an NFL team, it’s hard to see him making a return.

There have simply been too many false starts up to this point.

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