Andre Iguodala’s 1st Move After Warriors Won Championship (Video)

Andre Iguodala’s 1st Move After Warriors Won Championship (Video)

The Golden State Warriors won their fourth championship in eight years this past week when they defeated the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Winning a title in any sport is extremely difficult, and when it happens, players are generally pretty stunned in the aftermath. Their reactions tend to be more rooted in raw emotion than logical thought.

Which makes what Warriors vet Andre Iguodala did all the more fascinating.

As the seconds winded down in Game 6 and Golden State’s most recent chip became official, Iguodala opted to do something extremely selfless. The video speaks for itself:

Understandably, social media had some strong reactions to Iguodala’s immediate first thought after winning a championship:

Iguodala has always been a very important part of the Warriors’ dynasty. Between his deep understanding of the team’s culture, knack for dealing with big personalities like Kevin Durant and epic stories (like the time Stephen Curry silenced an entire bench with just two words) – he is a wealth of knowledge.

Because of that it’s easier to understand why in such a big moment, the first person he thought of was Curry.

The two have a truly special relationship.

Regardless of where Iguodala goes from here, his place in Warriors lore is etched in stone.

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