Why Kevin Durant Got Mad At Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green

Why Kevin Durant Got Mad At Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green formed one of the most formidable and unstoppable lineups in NBA history during their time with the Golden State Warriors.

Together the group claimed two NBA championships and made it to three NBA Finals.

They were not without controversy, however.

This past week Iguodala appeared on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Three” podcast and offered up an interesting story about how Durant got mad at him and Green during one infamous practice session.

“This is after the All-Star break, and we’re just trying to get our rhythm back with the Warriors,” Iguodala said.

“And me and Draymond are competitors. Like we’re trying to win, and the only way we’re gonna win is if we double team KD. KD was so mad. I’m like, ‘Bro, do you not understand what we’re trying to tell you?

“‘You’re that good… you’ve got two guys who are elite, all-time on defense and we have to double team you. Don’t be mad at us bro, like you’re that good!’”

Although Iguodala’s story was a humorous one, it’s also one that speaks volumes about how Durant is. It’s very easy to set him off. That’s why he is always off beefing with Z-list celebs, ESPN broadcasters, and society at large.

Durant is a generational talent and one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the sport – but it doesn’t take much to make him mad.

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