Kevin Durant Torches Rachel Nichols Over Maria Taylor Audio

Kevin Durant Torches Rachel Nichols Over Maria Taylor Audio

Kevin Durant has never been one to shy away from offering his opinions online, and the trend continued this weekend.

On Sunday, a salacious report surfaced detailing a huge controversy brewing on ESPN’s NBA team.

Essentially, ‘The Jump’ host Rachel Nichols, who is white, was recorded saying some unflattering things about co-worker Maria Taylor, who is black.

This led to a ton of fallout for all parties involved, and the story got so big that it began trending on Twitter.

That’s when Durant opted to weigh in. Apparently he is no huge fan of Nichols’ work.

Durant’s social media gesture speaks for itself:

Kevin Durant Torches Rachel Nichols Over Maria Taylor Audio 1

What specifically is Durant’s beef with Nichols? It’s hard to say. But between her offensive Tim Duncan interview and the Kwame Brown drama she participated in, she’s definitely been having a rough year.

Of course, given how notoriously soft Durant is when it comes to any sort of internet backlash or criticism, the smallest of unintentional slights could’ve set him off.

This is a guy who will beef with literally any nobody for absolutely no reason.

The Nichols-Taylor situation is going to be an interesting one to follow. It has gotten so big now that even NBA players are commenting on it. Clearly it’s not going away.

What sort of resolution will be reached, and how will all parties involved ultimately feel about it? Time will tell.

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