Colin Kaepernick’s Status With Raiders Gets Fresh Update

Colin Kaepernick’s Status With Raiders Gets Fresh Update

The Las Vegas Raiders surprised a lot of people this past month when they brought Colin Kaepernick in for a tryout.

Kaepernick has been out of the league since 2016, when he decided to publicly protest racial injustice prior to games. In the years since, despite a lot of chatter regarding him getting another shot in the pro ranks, no opportunity ever actually materialized.

Shortly after Las Vegas invited Kaepernick in, two other teams suddenly decided they were interested in him as well.

In the aftermath, a pretty clear verdict on Kaepernick’s skills as they presently stand emerged.

So where do things stand now?

Well, according to NFL insider Josina Anderson, it doesn’t appear that much is happening.

“Also regarding Colin Kaepernick’s post workout status in Las Vegas, my understanding is a possible future for Kaep as a Raider is not necessarily off the table, but at the same time not at the mesh point of definitively happening either,” Anderson reported this week.

“Either way, no timetable on a decision.”

At this point, a lot of people have weighed in Kaepernick’s NFL prospects. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has done it. Denver Broncos star Russell Wilson has as well. Their opinions have been noted on the record.

But they also don’t matter.

The only people who matter are NFL front office decision-makers. And at the moment, it doesn’t seem like they are in much of a hurry to give Kaepernick another shot.

Obviously that might change at some point in the foreseeable future, but it hasn’t yet.

Kaepernick is 34 years and was a guy who relied a lot on his athleticism to succeed. Athleticism, typically, declines with age.

Time is running out here.

It’s hard not to feel like the Raiders, legitimately, are Kaepernick’s last chance at an NFL return.

If it doesn’t happen here, it never will.

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