Russell Wilson’s Brutally Honest Take On Colin Kaepernick

Russell Wilson’s Brutally Honest Take On Colin Kaepernick

Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick engaged in some memorable battles when the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers ruled the NFC West in the early 2010s.

Unfortunately, their rivalry was ultimately derailed by Kaepernick essentially being forced out of the league over his deeply polarizing racial inequality protests.

With Kaepernick suddenly closer to an NFL return now than he has been at any point since his banishment from the league post-2016, what with three separate squads having interest in him, many have wondered how his former counterpart views the entire situation.

As it turns out, Wilson has actually spoken out on this topic before.

In great detail, in fact.

In an old interview with reporters that went viral once again this week, Wilson spells out how he feels about Kaepernick and the fact that he was essentially forced out of the NFL due to his protests against racial inequality.

“I think the reality is that also Colin Kaepernick is a talented football player,” Wilson said, per USA Today. “I remember playing against him. The man could play some football.”

Moreover, Wilson understood why Kaepernick decided to protest in the first place.

“The reality was he was trying to symbolize oppression that was going on in America and has been going on for 400 years,” Wilson noted.

“The reality is that what Colin was trying to do was try to do the right thing in trying to stand up, figuratively, for what has been going on in America. People may have taken that the wrong way, but he was trying to do the right thing.

“That’s the bottom line. He stood up in so many amazing ways to really stand up for black lives and what’s going on and the oppression of what’s going on and people being murdered. It’s the right thing that he’s been trying to do, to be honest with you.”

Wilson isn’t the only prominent NFL quarterback to speak out on Kaepernick. Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers did the same.

It will be interesting to see if Kaepernick is finally afforded an opportunity to return to the NFL in 2022. He was given a tryout by the Las Vegas Raiders at the end of last month. This week, his position with that franchise more or less came into focus.

Is one final comeback for Kaepernick in the cards before he is officially deemed too old to even be an option?

Will he got the shot to suit up in the NFL one last time?

Time will tell.

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