Ja Morant’s Reaction To Rudy Gobert Airball Goes Viral

Ja Morant’s Reaction To Rudy Gobert Airball Goes Viral

The shorthanded Memphis Grizzlies fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves 110-101 on Wednesday night.

While Ja Morant wasn’t participating in the outing due to his season-ending injury, he still found a way to make headlines.

In the second quarter, with Memphis up by one, Rudy Gobert stepped to the line. He has never been a particularly good free throw shooter, but he really embarrassed himself on the attempt when he put up an airball.

Morant’s reaction to Gobert’s screw-up went mega-viral:

Again, Morant is no stranger to making headlines. Between his interactions with the ladies, his sister’s provocative videos and his nonstop controversies, he always seems to be trending for something or other.

But something about his response to Gobert’s airball really struck folks at home as funny:

Big picture, while Morant got his jokes in – the Wolves are at the top of the Western Conference right now.

Although everyone ridiculed Minnesota for what they gave up to get Gobert last year, clearly the move paid off.

He is thriving right now.

Will Gobert lead the Timberwolves to an NBA championship in 2024? Time will tell.

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