Andrew Wiggins On Leave From Warriors Because Of Draymond Green Beef?

Andrew Wiggins On Leave From Warriors Because Of Draymond Green Beef?

Andrew Wiggins is expected to be on leave from the Golden State Warriors indefinitely, team head coach Steve Kerr announced on Wednesday.

“We do expect him to be back but we just don’t exactly know when,” Kerr said.

“We’re in a position where Wiggs is a private person and he’s asked to keep it private and we’re gonna honor that. So it doesn’t help for me to sit here and try to explain any of that. The bottom line is we respect Wiggs, we need him and we fully expect him back, but we just don’t know when that will be.”

Last year, Wiggins missed 25 games due to a private matter that was later revealed to be a health issue involving his father.

Because of the secretive nature of Kerr’s pronouncement regarding Wiggins’ short-term status, speculation began to run wild regarding why he is out.

A popular theory quickly emerged on social media.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if this has to do with Dray[mond Green] supporting Miles [Bridges] given his fiancé’s relation to the incident,” one person wrote.

When pressed for context, another fan elaborated.

“Wiggins fiancé is sisters with Miles Bridges ex gf who he beat up, so I’d imagine having Dray come out and say ‘he can do no wrong in my eyes’ is a pretty big f**k you to Wiggins,” the fan wrote.

The situation involving Bridges was obviously extremely messy. Him getting a new girlfriend so shortly thereafter didn’t help.

Green never seemed to stop publicly supporting Bridges, though. And as the comments from fans noted, he said as recently as a few weeks ago that he would always have the Charlotte Hornets star’s back.

Is that the reason Wiggins is out now? There is no way to know for certain. In the days and weeks to come more clarity on the situation will likely emerge.

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