Miles Bridges’ Wife’s Photos Leaked Amid Troubling Allegations

Miles Bridges’ Wife’s Photos Leaked Amid Troubling Allegations

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges found himself at the center of a series of troubling allegations recently.

Last Wednesday, Bridges was arrested and charged with a felony. According to his wife, Mychelle Johnson, the 24-year-old NBA star allegedly assaulted her in a violent and brutal fashion.

“I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore,” she wrote in a subsequent Instagram post. “I’ve allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life.”

She then provided imagery showcasing injuries “from being choked until I went to sleep and a severe concussion.”

The photos largely speak for themselves:


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Over the weekend, a gossip blog leaked a series of photos and videos claiming to depict Johnson partying and doing it up.

That imagery too is mostly self-explanatory:


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“This is a close friends leak,” caption read. “A lot of Plastics that live out in Houston definitely feel a way about this whole situation because #MychelleJohnson has been turning up all weekend and her documents state that she has all types of injuries.

“I understand you can not judge someone for how they deal with domestic violence or anything traumatic that’s happened in their life, BUT right is right and wrong is wrong. Multiple reliable sources have said Mychelle is an equal aggressor. in no way does that make any of what’s happened okay… it’s a dirty game being played right now and we just have to sit back and see how it plays out in court. 🤷🏾‍♀️”

Make of that what you will.

Per an updated release from the LAPD regarding Bridges’ arrest, he was charged with “a felony violation of 273.5(a) Penal Code, Intimate Partner Violence with Injury.”

This was supposed to be a big year for Bridges financially. He is a restricted free agent and was expected to capitalize on that status over the summer with a lucrative new contract.

After his arrest, reports began to emerge that his newfound legal woes could have massive ramifications on Bridges’ NBA status.

Domestic violence, sadly, is something that is all too familiar in the sports world.

In recent years we have seen everything from a Los Angeles Lakers player seemingly publicly beating his partner on camera to star NFL quarterbacks being victimized by their wives.

It’s a vicious ordeal no matter who is on the receiving end of the violence – woman or man.

One way or another, this entire process will work itself out through the legal system. And hopefully at that point the rightful parties will get the justice they deserve.

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