Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss’ Emotional Kobe Bryant Message Goes Viral

Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss' Emotional Kobe Bryant Message Goes Viral

Kobe Bryant is one of the most beloved players in Los Angeles Lakers franchise history.

Between his five championships and monumental impact on the organization in every possible capacity, his untimely death continues to weigh heavy on the minds of fans.

Understandably, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss misses Bryant tremendously as well.

On Sunday, she posted a tweet on the matter that immediately went viral:

The reactions, with social media being what it is nowadays, largely speak for themselves:

The Lakers are currently working on a massive blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets for Kyrie Irving.

Presently, two players are serving as roadblocks that are preventing the deal from happening.

Time will tell whether Buss will be able to find a way to work around them.

In any case, Bryant’s impact on the game is undeniable. There’s a reason why his take on Stephen Curry from before he was a star recently went mega-viral.

It speaks to Bryant’s eye and understanding of basketball.

Buss missing him isn’t a surprise at all. Fans feel the exact same way.

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