Kobe Bryant’s Honest Opinion Of Young Stephen Curry

Kobe Bryant’s Honest Opinion Of Young Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is coming off his fourth NBA championship in eight years.

Along the way, he also just captured his first ever NBA Finals MVP.

Even if he were to retire now, Curry is arguably a top-10 player of all time. But his path to greatness wasn’t always apparent.

At the beginning of his career, the former Davidson standout was frequently injured and nobody really wanted to pay him big money because of it. One person who saw the potential, however, was Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

During a recent podcast appearance, rapper Killer Mike revealed what Bryant once told him about Curry.

“Who I gotta watch? He said to me ‘there’s this kid I’ve been watching. He real small and thin but if he can stay healthy’… As I’m processing that, he said ‘there is this kid in Golden State, Steph Curry. I tell you, he’s the one, all he gotta do is stay healthy.’ That day, I started watching Steph and he hasn’t disappointed since.”

Bryant was quite the oracle when it came to NBA-related stuff. He predicted LeBron James’ failure with the Lakers, as well as why James Harden would never be a championship player.

Bryant always called it how he saw it.

And he was right a lot more than he was wrong.

This was just another example of that.

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