Scottie Pippen Answers Whether Michael Jordan Is The NBA’s GOAT

Scottie Pippen Answers Whether Michael Jordan Is The NBA’s GOAT

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen at one point were regarded as the greatest duo in sports history.

Unfortunately, the pair’s relationship was derailed right around the time that Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ documentary dropped.

Pippen didn’t like his depiction in the documentary and made sure to let the world know about it.

Not only did he insult Jordan repeatedly, but he also made some pretty disturbing allegations against him.

A few ex-Chicago Bulls players took Pippen’s side, but most simply opted to stay out of it.

Things got so messy that even Dennis Rodman had to jump in at one point. And it didn’t help that Jordan’s son dated and then cheated on Pippen’s ex-wife.

Recently, Pippen appeared on Australian TV and was asked whether Jordan is the NBA’s GOAT.

“Oh, for sure,” Pippen said on ‘The Today Show’ in Australia.

“You look at the MVPs he was able to achieve but I think it was all brought from us being successful as a team obviously someone’s gonna bring those accolades home but he was the greatest player in basketball.”

This of course goes directly against what Pippen wrote in his own book last year.

“I may go as far to say Mike ruined basketball,” Pippen wrote at the time.

“In the 80s on the playgrounds you’d have everyone moving the ball around — passing to help the team. That stopped in the 90s. Kids wanted to be ‘Like Mike.’

“Well, Mike didn’t want to pass — didn’t want to rebound, or defend the best player. He wanted everything done for him. That’s why I always believed LeBron James was the greatest player this game has ever seen — he does everything and embodies what the game is truly about.”

What explains the contradiction? Well, mostly just that Pippen has turned into a really weird guy.

Mind you, this is a dude who was driving around with a topless woman in his backseat not too long ago.

This isn’t the Pippen that folks grew up with.


Will Pippen’s recent compliment change or in some way reduce his lingering beef with Jordan? Time will tell.

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