Ja Morant’s Sister Niya’s Latest Provocative Video Causes A Stir

Ja Morant’s Sister Niya’s Latest Provocative Video Causes A Stir

Ja Morant’s sister, Niya, has always made her adoration for her brother no secret.

On Tuesday night, Ja returned from a lengthy 25-game suspension to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to a big win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Not only did Ja help his squad break a five-game losing streak, but he did so in the most emphatic fashion imaginable: by hitting a clutch game-winner as time expired.

Afterward, Ja understandably talked a little trash. He dropped a deafening four-word bomb on all his haters.

But he wasn’t alone. Niya had some things to say in the aftermath, too.

“That’s why I love that y’all talk so much like I love that y’all came over and y’all would talk so much to me,” she said.

“I loved it so I could come here today on this day today and tell y’all that he’s him, tell y’all that he’s him.”

Niya didn’t stop there, though.

“Tell y’all he’s him,” she continued.

“It’s 12 time baby, nothing else 12 time ni***. I waited on this day for this long, I waited just so I could come over here and tell y’all, just so I could come here and tell y’all, that he’s him, he’s him. Literally, him, like y’all knew what it was.”

Niya is obviously no stranger to going viral in her own right. Her provocative videos have turned her into quite the celebrity online.

That being said, it is hard to blame the entire Morant clan for feeling some type of way.

Obviously Ja had his fair share of issues this past year. Between the ‘deep’ personal woes, troubling clubbing imagery and constant drama, it was one thing after another.

That said, the man is an absolute baller.

His impact on the court can’t be denied.

Will Ja give Niya and Grizzlies fans even more to cheer about in 2024 now that he is fully back and ready to make a march towards the playoffs? Time will tell.

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