Is A 4-Team Ben Simmons Trade Brewing Between Lakers, 76ers, Cavs And Rockets?

Is A 4-Team Ben Simmons Trade Brewing Between Lakers, 76ers, Cavs And Rockets?

The Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons are currently engaged in a stalemate. Neither side is showing any sign of being willing to compromise.

Philly has already revealed how it plans to punish Simmons if he sits out. The 25-year-old has said that he doesn’t care and that he’s prepared for this situation to get ugly.

Two teams reached out to the Sixers recently in hopes of swinging something for Simmons, only to get flatly rejected. Clearly Daryl Morey won’t pull the trigger on anything until his asking price is met.

So where does everyone go from here?

Well, in a recent column on CBS Sports, an intriguing trade proposal was offered that could solve a lot of teams’ problems in one fatal swoop.

Per the terms of the trade, Simmons would end up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. From there the Houston Rockets would walk away with Talen Horton-Tucker and Isaac Okoro, plus a protected top-five first rounder from the Cavs; Philly would land Ricky Rubio, Christian Wood, Colin Sexton and a 2024 first rounder from Cleveland; and finally, the Los Angeles Lakers would get Seth Curry.

“The Cavs obviously get their prize in Simmons, while the Sixers get their point guard in Sexton and a total stud in Christian Wood, who can play alongside Embiid and also finally solve the Sixers’ backup center minutes,” the article noted. “The Rockets get two nice, potentially really nice, young pieces in Okoro and Horton-Tucker, plus a future Cleveland pick that likely lands in the lottery, while the Lakers get the shooting they would just about die for right now with Seth Curry.”

It’s very rare that a deal with this many moving parts ends up as a win for all parties involved, but this would definitely be that. Simmons has made his feelings towards playing in Cleveland clear, so that box is checked. Philly gets Sexton, who desperately wants off the Cavs, and Wood – who is a star on the come-up. Finally, the Lakers shore up their biggest weakness while only sacrificing a potentially solid future contributor. And given what has happened between Tucker and LeBron James in the past, it’s unlikely that the latter will shed too many tears.

On paper, this is a win-win-win-win.

Will the trade, as described, ultimately occur? It’s impossible to say for certain. There are a lot of moving parts. But if it does, it’ll be a unique move that works out extremely well for every single team and player participating.

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