Fan’s Racy Text Messages At White Sox Game Go Viral (Photos)

Fan’s Racy Text Messages At White Sox Game Go Viral (Photos)

A man who attended a recent Chicago White Sox game is making headlines for all the wrong reasons this week.

In a now-viral clip, the gentleman in question can be seen exchanging text messages with someone.

The texts in question appear to be extremely racy in nature.

“Ok so for a 100 buck gift card I get 30 minutes with you,” one of his messages seems to read.

“I can make out with you,” another appears to say.

Then it gets really explicit.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Obviously this isn’t he first time something like this has happened.

A Phoenix Suns fans was busted under similarly unfortunate circumstances not long ago. This is just one of those terrible things that happens now that everyone is constantly in everyone else’s business.

That coupled with the fact that we primarily communicate via our phones now creates some sticky scenarios.

And not just for fans.

Athletes get caught up as well.

Between Jake Fromm’s racial texts, Baker Mayfield’s provocative alleged DMs and Jeanie Buss’ racy messages causing some headaches – this is fairly commonplace.

In a lot of ways, what happened to this fan at a White Sox game is just par for the course.

He is not the first person to blow up online for something like this and, sadly, he will inevitably not be the last.

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