Charles Barkley Openly Flirts With Woman At Bar (Video)

Charles Barkley Openly Flirts With Woman At Bar (Video)

NBA on TNT broadcaster Charles Barkley is widely regarded as the best basketball personality of all time.

The effortless way he mixes legitimate game-related observations with his own personal flair has been iconic.

This past week Barkley’s charm was on full display when a video of him flirting with some woman at the bar went viral.

The encounter appears to have started when the woman asked Barkley to record a TikTok of her.

“Can I get myself in it?” Barkley can be heard asking.

“I want to do a selfie,” he continued.

From there, the good times commenced.

“How do I make this work for me?” Barkley could be heard asking. “I want both of us to be in it. This is a TikTok? I want to do a TikTok where we both in it. I want to be in this Tik thing. I want to be in this with you.”

@tootallmika Just wanted to make a sick dance video and this guy ruint it. He was still very sweet though. #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Marika Bouchard

Classic stuff.

Barkley is a national treasure. Whether he is effortlessly wrecking troll NBA fans, divulging why he is no longer friends with Michael Jordan or naming the 2 most important players in NBA history – he always keeps it real.

His authenticity is off the charts. It oozes from every interaction he has with anyone whether it is basketball-related or not.

Barkley is a truly special sports personality. They don’t make them like him any more.

What will he ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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