Hornets’ Michael Jordan Dances With Mystery Woman (Video)

Hornets’ Michael Jordan Dances With Mystery Woman (Video)

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan was in Nashville, Tennessee, recently for the Ally 400 NASCAR Cup Series.

Jordan has become an increasingly visible presence at various NASCAR events after becoming the principal owner and chairman of 23XI Racing. He is clearly enjoying his new role.


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This past week, the all-time NBA GOAT went viral for NASCAR-related reasons once more – but not because of anything that happened during a race.

Rather, eagle-eyed fans caught Jordan letting his hair down at a little shindig:

“The Chicago Bulls legend was spotted at the rooftop at Layer Cake in Nashville this past Friday,” reported “…MJ was caught dancing with a female, but quickly got out of harm’s way. You can see him having a good chuckle as he walks away from her while smoking his cigar.”

This isn’t the first time Jordan has gone viral for something like this. You will recall, his epic hand placement when taking a photo with R&B legend Mary J. Blige not long ago also caught a lot of folks off guard. Many regarded it as the highlight of an otherwise dull NBA All-Star Weekend.

In addition, Jordan often blows up for basketball-related matters. Whether he is naming the 5 players he would want to play in their primes, revealing the only athlete that ever intimidated him or breaking down how you stop LeBron James – the consensus GOAT always keeps it real.

Jordan is the closest thing the sports world has to a god-tier personality. That is beyond question at this juncture.

Because of that, this likely isn’t the last time he will set the internet ablaze.

What will Jordan go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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