Michael Jordan Reveals 1 Athlete Who Intimidated Him

Michael Jordan Reveals 1 Athlete Who Intimidated Him

Michael Jordan is known for being one of the most fearsome competitors of all time. He never relented – to anyone.

Regardless of what foes Jordan faced down, he was always the one inspiring fear.

And when someone, like a very young Allen Iverson, actually managed to get one over on him – he made them pay for it for the entirety of their careers.

Which is part of what makes a recent revelation by Jordan so surprising.

This week, in a conversation with Stephen Curry, Jordan acknowledged that there was one athlete out there who legitimately intimidated him.

That athlete? European golfer Ian Poulter.

“I’m not scared of anybody… but Ian Poulter,” Jordan said. “I used to go and watch him all the time. If I’m in any of his matches or walking down, he finds me after he makes a good putt, and it’s like, ‘Man, I didn’t do anything. I like you. I support you.’ I stay away from him when I’m walking. I won’t go watch him.”

Jordan’s infamous advice to Tiger Woods about getting women is far more representative of the personality most know him to have than his adoration for Poulter. That said, it just speaks to the way different folks have different effects on people.

Everyone has their own personal stars – and Poulter is Jordan’s.

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