Baker Mayfield’s Alleged Provocative DMs Leaked By Woman (Photos)

Baker Mayfield’s Alleged Provocative DMs Leaked By Woman (Photos)

Baker Mayfield’s professional career is in a state of flux at the moment. While still currently a member of the Cleveland Browns, he will inevitably be moved at some point in the offseason.

At this juncture, it’s a matter of when and where, not if.

Football happenings notwithstanding, though – Baker also recently found himself in the headlines for a more personal issue.

A matter relating to a woman who is not his wife.

According to, Baker stands accused of low-key DMing a woman who subsequently revealed the contents of the provocative messages in a video:

As noted in the report, the woman in question is allegedly from Cleveland and keeps her Instagram on private. It’s important to point out that because she offers such limited information in the clip – it’s impossible to verify accuracy or details.

That being said, it’s worth remembering that not too long ago a woman previously came out and made some salacious accusations against Baker. She went into extremely explicit details regarding the things she claimed happened and what he purportedly had her do.

That controversy ultimately fizzled out without Baker acknowledging it. Time will tell if the same happens here.

As far as his on-the-field happenings, Baker has one squad he wants to go to now that the Browns have acquired Deshaun Watson. At this point, it is unclear whether his request will ultimately be obliged.

Predictably, Baker’s wife Emily has already weighed in on things.

Baker has had a rough go in Cleveland as of late. Despite enjoying a decent amount of success, his teammates really seemed to hate him and weren’t shy about admitting it publicly.

Hopefully wherever he ends up next Baker will find the stability, comradery and peace that eluded him with the Browns.

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