Baker Mayfield Mistress Kacie Dingess Finds 2nd Mistress

Baker Mayfield Mistress Kacie Dingess Finds 2nd Mistress

Baker Mayfield Mistress Kacie Dingess Finds 2nd Mistress

Baker Mayfield’s alleged mistress Kacie Dingess found a second mistress to seemingly corroborate her story.

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

This past weekend, Dingess came out and publicly accused Mayfield of cheating on his wife with her.

On Tuesday, she appeared on Rover’s Morning Glory in Cleveland and revealed that she allegedly gave oral sex to Mayfield in the parking lot of a local Cheesecake Factory.

“I drove all the way to Westlake, it was like behind Cheesecake factory at some development parking lot,” she said.

“I got in the front and he said are we going to do this or not? After I left he texted me you’re actually a really cool person but you can’t say anything, like it’ll ruin my career.”

Shortly after Dingess said her piece, a second woman called in with a similar story. She claimed that Mayfield and her hooked up in a parking lot in December of 2018 – when he was already engaged.

“One day I ended up going out to Westlake, Crocker Park,” she said.

“I think the same as the other girl, it was the first parking lot, his Range Rover pulls up and I’m just like ok yeah that’s him, then we had a conversation, same as the other girl it moved to the backseat got down to business.

“I didn’t sleep with him, gave him head and then ended up having conversation and that was it.”

It is worth remembering that neither of these women have any substantive proof of what transpired beyond their initial claims.

That said, this is definitely a headache that Mayfield did not need right now.

To date, Mayfield has not come out and commented on what transpired in any capacity.

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