Jake Fromm’s Racist Texts Resurface Amid First Career Giants Start

Jake Fromm’s Racist Texts Resurface Amid First Career Giants Start

Former Georgia star Jake Fromm will make his first career this weekend when he leads the New York Giants into battle against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fromm, who is in his second year, will square off against Jalen Hurts in a rematch of the 2018 SEC Championship Game. That particular outing saw the latter quarterback lead his group back from a 14-point hole en route to victory.

On Sunday, Fromm will aim to get some measure of revenge.

Facing off against Hurts won’t be Fromm’s only reckoning with his past, though. This week he was confronted by a leaked old text message exchange from 2019 when he suggested that guns should be “very expensive so only elite white people can get them.”

Jake Fromm’s Racist Texts Resurface Amid First Career Giants Start 1

On Wednesday, he was confronted about that sentiment by the New York Daily News.

“For me, going to a new situation and a new locker room, there weren’t a whole lot of guys that really knew me,” Fromm said. “So I was really selling myself and saying, ‘Hey guys, this is me, this is my heart, this is who I really am.’ And it’s a really long hard road to earn people’s trust, and I’m just super thankful for that family there in Buffalo who really took me in and helped me.”

Fromm was then pressed on whether he believes that situation had an impact on his time in Buffalo.

“Asked if thought the incident affected his standing on the Bills’ roster, Fromm said: ‘No, I don’t think so.’ Asked if anyone in the Giants building had broached the subject to him, he said: ‘No, sir.’”

Between the unfortunate untimely passing of high school football starsdeath of noteworthy NFL playersridiculous legal arguments and troubling health disasters — this has been a brutal year for the sport of football.

In the grand scheme of all that, it’s hard to see Fromm’s text message saga mattering all that much going forward to his teammates or the NFL community at large.

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