More Troubling Everson Griffen Messages, Videos Emerge

More Troubling Everson Griffen Messages, Videos Emerge

Minnetrista police were called to the home of Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen early Wednesday morning.

Officials responded to a series of disturbing videos and text messages that emerged from the 33-year-old in the hours prior.

In a shocking and troubling clip, the clearly stressed football star went on a startling, paranoid rant:

It only got worse from there, when he posted these messages on social media including ones like “I need help” and “people are trying to kill me.”:

The Vikings subsequently released this message about the ongoing situation:

It’s worth noting, this isn’t Griffen’s first run with mental health issues. Three years ago, he attempted to break into a teammate’s house and subsequently fled an ambulance when taken into custody. Griffen’s agent later claimed that his client was not dealing with any sort of serious mental health issues and that what happened simply happened as a result of stress.

Clearly that doesn’t seem to be the case, though.

Wednesday afternoon local police provided this update on Griffen’s status:

Given all the tragic and unfortunate stuff that has been occurring in the NFL as of late, obviously everyone is hoping that this regrettable situation ultimately ends as quickly and peacefully as possible.

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