Firefighters’ Texts Are A New Twist In Henry Ruggs Case

Firefighters’ Texts Are A New Twist In Henry Ruggs Case

The ongoing legal battle featuring former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs has taken a new turn.

Ruggs is presently under house arrest over a fatal Nov. 3 Las Vegas car crash that he is accused of causing by driving drunk at speeds up to 156 miles per hour.

He is facing upwards of 40 years in prison.

On Wednesday, a new twist emerged in the case.

According to local reports, Ruggs’ attorneys are suggesting that firefighters waiting 20 minutes to extinguish the blaze stemming from the accident is what contributed to the fatality of Las Vegas woman, Tina Tintor, and her dog.

“The attorneys are seeking all communication from any member of the Clark County Fire Department who responded to the crash,” reported 8 News Now Las Vegas. “They are also seeking all communication from a person who responded who may have texted or emailed an employee who was not on the scene.

“Through investigation conducted by the defense, namely the discovery of a percipient witness, it has been revealed that the Clark County Fire Department was in a position to extinguish the vehicle fire while it was in its infancy stages and failed to do.”

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time this claim has been made. Last week, the firefighters at the center of these newfound accusations addressed it rather bluntly.

Big picture, it’ll be interesting to see what bearing this ultimately has on Ruggs’ case.

Throughout the past couple of weeks various accounts of Ruggs’ night in the lead-up to the accident have emerged. Everything from precisely how much alcohol he allegedly consumed to the text messages he had sent out to video of how he was driving just seconds before the crash.

It all paints a troubling picture.

If the firefighters who responded to the scene of the crash truly ignored their duties, then that obviously needs to be addressed. But if this is just baseless grasping at straws by Ruggs’ representation, then hopefully the courts can make a ruling one way or another so that it doesn’t drag on for too long.

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