Did Henry Ruggs Have 18 Shots Before Fatal Car Accident? (Video)

Did Henry Ruggs Have 18 Shots Before Fatal Car Accident? (Video)

Henry Ruggs III was involved a fatal car accident this past week. The now-former Raiders wide receiver was traveling in Las Vegas at 3:39 am on Tuesday when his Chevrolet Corvette ended up colliding with a Toyota Rav4.

By the time officials arrived on the scene they found the Toyota Rav4 on fire, with both a women and dog inside of the car dead.

Ruggs reportedly at one point reached a speed of 156 miles per hour during the drive and when police spoke to him they noted he “showed signs of impairment.” He was ultimately taken into custody and later released on $150,000 bail.

Somehow, on Saturday, this horrific story went from bad to worse.

Over the past few days multiple tidbits have emerged about that fateful accident and what led up to it. Text messages that Ruggs sent out were uncovered. Video of how he was driving in the lead-up leaked out.

And now details of his drinking prior to the crash are starting to come to light.

Apparently Ruggs was at TopGolf prior to the incident, where his group was having some drinks based on video that was taken and posted online.

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But it doesn’t stop there. According to a report from Las Vegas Twitter insider account, Vital Vegas, the extent to just how much Ruggs had allegedly been drinking that night has not been fully reported.

After the crash, Ruggs was recorded reportedly having had a blood alcohol level of .161 — twice the legal limit in Nevada.

Recent social media posts by him and his girlfriend seem to suggest that this sort of reckless behavior was not a one-off.

Ruggs is now facing nearly 40 years in prison and is currently under house arrest while being monitored electronically.

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