Allen Iverson’s Career-Changing Advice For Kyle Korver

Allen Iverson’s Career-Changing Advice For Kyle Korver

Allen Iverson is one of the most impactful players in NBA history.

Despite his small stature, Iverson touched an entire generation of hoopsters both on and off the court.

While the influence he had on players with his general style and demeanor has been covered in great length, his effect on guys as basketball players often goes understated. Not long ago, Chris Webber described him as the best player he had ever played with. He called suiting up alongside Iverson an “honor.”

This week, another story emerged that showcased the impact Iverson had on his teammates.

In a conversation with J.J. Redick, longtime NBA sharpshooter Kyle Korver revealed the career-changing advice Iverson gave him.

“AI was amazing to me,” he said. “I was a second-round pick, and I am not guaranteed the first year or the second year, and what you need more than anything was some confidence. So we didn’t have anybody on the team that could shoot at all. So if you can’t shoot, why would I pass it to you? I will just shoot it.

“He had his arm around me every day, saying shot the ball and breeding confidence in me. He is a legend, and he is in another stratosphere. His legendary, iconic career and personality and to have that person with me encouraging was amazing for me.”

Iverson gave Korver the confidence he needed to be a successful shooter in the NBA, and he went on to have an immensely successful career as a result of it.

Because of that, Korver never stops singing Iverson’s praises.

“He was the most talented individual; he could do anything,” Korver continued. “Whether it was sports, basketball obviously, watch him throw a football like a laser. He could sing, draw. He would draw these characters of people on the bus or in the locker room, and it was the funniest thing ever. Whatever he put his mind to, with a little bit of work, he was going to figure it out.”

Based on the great things all of Iverson’s former teammates have to say about him, it’s even harder to rationalize why the Philadelphia 76ers refuse to let him get involved with the organization. He could probably help them a lot in terms of player management, as evidenced by recent events.

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