Emily Mayfield Gets Honest About Baker’s Mental Status

Emily Mayfield Gets Honest About Baker’s Mental Status

The Cleveland Browns’ decision to acquire Deshaun Watson this past offseason signaled the end of Baker Mayfield’s time with the franchise.

Although he wasn’t traded away immediately, the writing regarding Baker’s future was plainly on the wall.

There was optimism initially that a deal of some sort could be worked out prior to the 2022 NFL Draft, but obviously nothing ended up materializing on that front.

Now, several weeks later, Baker remains in an odd middle ground between being unwanted by his own team and also somewhat undesired by rivals at his current price tag.

This week, Baker’s wife Emily spoke out about how her husband is doing mentally in an Instagram Q & A.

Emily Mayfield Gets Honest About Baker’s Mental Status 1

Baker “is great” and has been “training a ton” according to Emily. He seems to be dealing with his whole unfortunate process pretty well.

For Emily – things have been a bit tougher.

“Watching the person you love get scrutinized by the media when you see the hard work they put in, seeing all the falsehoods written in the media and having to bite my tongue,” she wrote.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Baker currently has two NFL teams that are legitimately interested in acquiring him – presuming they can get a better price. There’s also a dark horse contender keeping an eye on the situation.

Does Baker come with some very notable red flags? Yes, sure.

His embarrassment from a while back when a woman seemingly leaked his private DMs perfectly captures the ups and downs of the Baker Mayfield Experience.

That said – he is still a very talented player. Nowhere near as bad as his critics would have you believe.

Wherever Baker ultimately lands next, he’ll definitely have the opportunity to prove a lot of folks wrong.

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