1 Red Flag Currently Blocking Browns Trading Baker Mayfield

1 Red Flag Currently Blocking Browns Trading Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns’ decision to acquire Deshaun Watson last week signaled the end of Baker Mayfield’s time with the organization.

Mayfield immediately made it clear that he wanted to go to one specific rival squad, but the Browns’ inordinate trade demands (a first round pick, allegedly) made that deal a non-starter.

Now the market for Mayfield appears to have dried up.

This week, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network appeared on NFL Now and revealed the single red flag that is currently preventing a Mayfield trade from occurring.

That $18 million salary of his.

“It doesn’t seem like anyone is interested at this salary,” Rapoport said.

“The ‘at this salary’ part is key, because Baker Mayfield is unlikely to be traded at $18 million. If the Browns are able to eat some money or if the agent and the new team can work it out and come up with some sort of answer to how to split or deal with Baker Mayfield’s salary, then I believe he will be traded. I don’t get the sense that the Browns are going to release him.”

All of which probably explains why the Pittsburgh Steelers are intrigued by Mayfield, but only under one condition.

Mayfield clearly comes with his fair share of issues and headaches. Last weekend’s media firestorm involving a woman seemingly leaking his intimate DMs is the perfect illustration of the rubbish that often follows him.

Moreover, so many of his Browns teammates despising him also doesn’t help.

Where will Mayfield ultimately end up when it’s all said and done? Time will tell.

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