DK Metcalf’s Very Blunt Take On Russell Wilson, Ciara Relationship

DK Metcalf’s Very Blunt Take On Russell Wilson, Ciara Relationship

DK Metcalf is intimately familiar with both Russell Wilson and Ciara.

Up until last year, Wilson and Metcalf formed one of the NFL’s more exciting quarterback-wide receiver duos as members of the Seattle Seahawks.

Obviously that on-the-field relationship came to a halt when Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos, but off the field the pair’s healthy respect for one another seemed unchanged.

Metcalf also seemed to have a positive relationship with Wilson’s wife, Ciara. When critics came out and blasted both Wilson and Ciara – it was Metcalf who came to their defense.

“Great man, great husband, great father,” Metcalf famously said of Wilson, when certain ex-NFL stars tried to call him “corny” and say Ciara was only with him for financial gain.

So where do Wilson and Metcalf stand now, one year removed from Metcalf making those comments? It appears some things have changed.

Namely, Wilson and Metcalf no longer talk football. There’s no reason to anymore, really. They mostly just focus on each other’s personal lives.

“Probably every day,” Metcalf told NFL Network’s Taylor Bisciotti when asked how often he and Wilson still chat.

“We really don’t talk much competition,” Metcalf said. “It’s more checking in with the family, checking in how each other’s doing.”

You love to see it. Metcalf is obviously a quirky guy. This is a man who was called out over a botched foursome and who’s dating a pop star, after all.

That said, the love he has for Wilson and Ciara is clearly very genuine. It was blatant last year when he came to their defense. It was blatant this past season, when he refused to sign a poster that criticized Wilson. And it is now.

Teammates come and go. Guys change teams. That’s just nature of the NFL.

Friendships are everlasting, though. And the relationship that Metcalf has with Wilson and Ciara is a great example of that.

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