DK Metcalf Sees Russell Wilson Sign, Refuses To Autograph It

DK Metcalf Sees Russell Wilson Sign, Refuses To Autograph It

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf may no longer be teammates with Russell Wilson, but he still has a lot of love for him.

On Monday night Metcalf’s squad faced off against Wilson’s Denver Broncos in both teams’ regular-season opener. Because it marked the latter player’s first return to Seattle since getting traded, emotions were understandably high.

Fans, in particular, showed very little affinity for Wilson. They booed him mercilessly during introductions and had a number of not-so-nice signs about him during the game.

Prior to kickoff, Metcalf went out to sign autographs for the public. That’s when one sign in particular caught his eye. When he realized what he said, he refused to autograph it.


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“#LetsCookRuss,” it read.

Fans absolutely loved the gesture.

“DK is a real one,” a fan wrote.

“Respect,” another agreed.

“Everyone liked that,” a third fan chimed in.

Big picture, Metcalf has long since maintained that he has a lot of respect for Wilson.

When an ex-NFL player came out and called Wilson “corny” and suggested Ciara was only with him for financial reasons, Metcalf came out with a strong rebuttal. He wasn’t even involved in the situation, but felt the need to insert himself to defend his boy.

Metcalf showed similar loyalty to Drew Lock when folks tried to clown him as an inept quarterback.

He seems to just be that kind of guy.

Aside from being an incredible football player, Metcalf is also something of a mainstay in the headlines. Be it for dating pop stars or his controversial foursomes – there is never a shortage of news stories about him.

This week’s drama was just par for the course.

Will Metcalf be able to build on the Seahawks’ Week 1 success and have another strong NFL campaign in 2022-23?

An answer will emerge in the coming weeks and months.

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