D.K. Metcalf’s Blunt Message Regarding Drew Lock

D.K. Metcalf’s Blunt Message Regarding Drew Lock

The Seattle Seahawks traded away D.K. Metcalf’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, to the Denver Broncos this past offseason.

While the move was not wholly unexpected, it did leave Metcalf in something of an odd spot. He went from having an MVP-caliber guy passing to him to a question mark.

But even that wasn’t too bad. Where things got bad, however, is when that question mark got replaced by one of the more underwhelming young quarterbacks in the NFL: Drew Lock.

For all intents in purposes, unless the Seahawks close on the one QB trade they’ve been linked to for weeks, Lock will be their starter come 2022-23. And that fact has not been lost on folks.

In fact, just this weekend, the U.S. Tennis Open Twitter account opted to openly mock the franchise for their predicament.

One person who wasn’t having all that? Metcalf. He replied immediately:

Metcalf’s reaction is unsurprising. He never has been and never will be one to bite his tongue. He also isn’t afraid to wade into potentially messy territory. His recent comments about Wilson and Ciara’s marriage largely speak for themselves. Ditto for what he said about President Joe Biden.

The man simply will not back down.

And Metcalf is similarly open about his own life. When he got called out over a foursome, he didn’t run away from the controversy.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Metcalf in Seattle. He has been linked to a trade, though it remains to be seen whether both sides can actually make something happen.

If not, he will go into 2022-23 as the Seahawks’ best player. And so long as he is on the roster, he most certainly will not permit any slander regarding him, the organization or whoever his quarterback happens to be at the time.

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