Seahawks Accidentally Leak Baker Mayfield Trade News (Photos)

Seahawks Accidentally Leak Baker Mayfield Trade News (Photos)

The Cleveland Browns’ acquisition of Deshaun Watson this past offseason signaled the end of Baker Mayfield’s time as the franchise’s starting quarterback.

Although Watson’s status for the 2022-23 NFL season is very much in doubt, if he cannot suit up, it will not be Mayfield who takes his place. Jacoby Brissett will serve as Watson’s replacement for as long as one is necessary.

Mayfield is out no matter what.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of chatter regarding where Mayfield will end up. Through a fairly natural process, multiple suitors have ruled themselves out of contention for the former Oklahoma standout.

The Indianapolis Colts were considered an option at one point, but they went out and got Matt Ryan instead. The Pittsburgh Steelers were thought to be in play, but instead they used a first round draft pick on Kenny Pickett and picked up Mitch Trubisky to serve as the bridge between now and the Pickett Era.

So who does that leave?

Well, after sending Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, a major hole at QB opened up for the Seattle Seahawks. For weeks they were mentioned as the likeliest landing spot for Mayfield aside from maybe the Carolina Panthers.

Over the weekend, the team’s fan shop seemed to leak that Mayfield was in fact coming.

Make of that what you will. Obviously on its own it doesn’t seem like definitive proof that Mayfield-to-Seattle is looming, but then there was also a recent report from NFL insider Mike Balko Jr.

It is fairly self-explanatory:

The relationship between Mayfield and the Browns has been severed beyond all repair. He is gone. At this point, the question is just where he is going. And at the moment, the Seahawks seem to be the answer.

There have been 2 NFL teams that have consistently shown strong interest in Mayfield, so anything is still possible – but all signs currently point to Seattle.

Mayfield is a deeply skilled talent, even if current media reporting suggests otherwise. Are there certain red flags with him? No doubt. His complicated situation from several months ago with a woman who wasn’t his wife seemingly leaking his private DMs illustrates excellently the nonsense that sometimes accompanies him. That said, on a grand scale, it’s a fairly minimal inconvenience for what you are getting in return.

Will Mayfield ultimately be a Seahawk by the time the 2022-23 NFL season commences?

Time will tell.

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