Did Bryce James Hint At Bronny’s College Choice In IG Story?

Did Bryce James Hint At Bronny’s College Choice In IG Story?

Bryce James is the younger brother of Bronny James, and both are the only sons of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Because LeBron is widely regarded by many as arguably the greatest player of all time, the fact that his sons have opted to follow in his footsteps is obviously a big story.

Whereas Bryce is only 15 and still a sophomore, Bronny is a senior and preparing to take the next step in his hoops career. Currently, 9 college basketball powerhouses are viewed as legitimate suitors for his services.

On Tuesday, Bryce published something of an interesting Instagram story. Many couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was sending a little hint about his big brother’s collegiate decision:

Did Bryce James Hint At Bronny’s College Choice In IG Story? 1

Obviously the James family has deep ties to Ohio State, so Bronny opting to go the Buckeye route wouldn’t be surprising.

Heck, at one point he himself posted this imagery to his own Instagram account:

Did Bryce James Hint At Bronny’s College Choice In IG Story? 2

It will be fascinating to see where Bronny ends up going to college, but once that happens, the next level of intrigue will surround Bryce’s plans.

There are a number of prominent NBA personalities who believe that it is Bryce who actually takes more after LeBron physically than Bronny does.

When Bryce is standing side-by-side with Bronny, it is easy to see why they feel that way. The kid is huge. Especially for a 15-year-old.

Even when Bryce is playing against other kids, his size is really apparent.

There is a reason why the youngster already has his first college offer despite not being anywhere near old enough to take advantage of it.

Bronny is obviously up next. And where he decides to go to school will have massive ramifications on a lot of other programs.

But shortly after him, Bryce is coming.

Based on how scouts are talking about him, he could shock a lot of people with how good he may turn out to be.

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