Brian Windhorst’s Honest Take On Bronny vs Bryce James

Brian Windhorst’s Honest Take On Bronny vs Bryce James

LeBron James is regarded by many as one of the two greatest basketball players of all time. His legacy as an NBA star is forever etched in hoops lore at this point.

Interestingly enough, though – LeBron is also in the beginning stages of building a legitimate dynasty.

Both of his sons, Bronny and Bryce, are following in his footsteps.

During a recent appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Windhorst gave a fascinating breakdown of Bronny and Bryce.

“Bryce, who’s 15, was born during the 2007 Finals, so he’s like a young sophomore,” Windhorst said.

“He is much more physically gifted, he’s taller than Bronny already, he looks more like his dad, although not really, but he is more reminiscent of what LeBron looked like as a 16-year-old. He has a lot of differing interests.

“He’s getting into basketball, at least at this point, he doesn’t have the same focus on basketball as Bronny does. So the interesting thing is, the more naturally talented son appears to be his second son, Bryce. But the one who wants it so badly is Bronny.”

Windhorst’s take on Bronny in this instance is fascinating given how brutally honest about his skillset he has been in the past.

It’s hard to argue with his overall assessment, though. The photos that show the size difference between Bronny and Bryce already are telling.

There are currently 5 collegiate programs who are eagerly looking to recruit Bronny, despite his having plummeted in the national rankings not long ago. How he does at the next level will provide a telling picture on what expectations for Bryce should be as well.

Mentally, Bronny is a steel trap. Nothing phases him. Not his controversial photos with his girl. Not the blame he got for Russell Westbrook becoming a Laker. Nothing.

For Bronny, it’s all about getting their physically.

As for Bryce, he already has his first college basketball offer. How many more will come remains to be seen.

The James family is building an incredible dynasty for itself. What will the finished product ultimately look like?

Time will tell.

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