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College Football Fans React To Sad Lee Corso Health News

College Football Fans React To Sad Lee Corso Health News

Lee Corso was not available for ESPN College Gameday this weekend, much to the disappointment of fans around the nation.

Corso, 87, is most than just a standard ESPN talking head – he represents college football on Saturdays. He is the face of it, in many ways.

And when he is absent, as was the case this week, it puts a dark cloud over the whole show.

On Saturday morning, the crew quickly addressed the elephant in the room:

“The great Lee Corso, a staple of his show, woke up this morning, feeling a little bit under the weather,” Rece Davis said.

“We went, made sure he had been checked out. But he’s feeling much better now, we’re happy to report, and also happy to say that at one point he told the doctors, ‘Yeah, I feel this way because I think Clemson was overrated.’”

Fan reactions to Corso’s absence poured in immediately:

This has been a crazy year in college football. Between Coach O’s wild antics with cheerleaders, fans getting real hot and heavy in the stands and unfortunate fan encounters with cheerleaders – it has felt like one thing after another.

Through it all, Corso has consistently been a model of stability for the fans and sport as a whole.

It is no wonder that his absence was such a big deal in the eyes of many.

Hopefully, whatever Corso’s health issues were this weekend, they sort out quickly and with minimal inconvenience for the legend.

The sooner he gets back out there doing what he loves, the better it will be for all parties involved.

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