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LSU Fan’s Provocative Video At College Football Game Goes Viral

LSU Fan’s Provocative Video At College Football Game Goes Viral

LSU’s first season under new head coach Brian Kelly is progressing largely in the way most expected it would.

There was one early hiccup against Florida State to start the season, and then three easy wins against the likes of Southern, Mississippi State and New Mexico.

Obviously that first defeat wasn’t ideal, but the Seminoles proved over subsequent weeks that they are actually much more formidable than people realized.

So all things considered, the Tigers are performing to expectations. They aren’t getting to the College Football Playoff this year, but they’re keeping things relatively competitive.

Sometimes a season like that can get boring – as evidenced by the actions of one particular fan at a recent outing.

The incident in question largely speaks for itself:


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Hilariously enough, extracurriculars like this at sporting events have become surprisingly common in recent years. Not long ago, a couple of fans became a national sensation after getting a bit overly-frisky at an Oakland A’s game. And then after that, another pair of fans became international sensations for doing the same at a Blue Jays game.

There must be something in the water.

Big picture, given the current state of affairs of LSU football, it makes sense that fans would seek out amusement in other ways. Mind you, the biggest stories coming from the program so far have been Olivia Dunne’s racy gameday outfits and Coach O bringing his special lady friend to a game.

It hasn’t really been anything of substance the Tigers are doing on the football field.

LSU just got done with the easy part of their schedule. Over the next few weeks they have showdowns on the agenda against the likes of Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M.

There is a very feasible scenario where the Tigers only win one or two of those outings.

Will fans in the stands be able to pay attention to those particular games in a way they clearly haven’t been unable to over the past several weeks?

Time will tell.

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