Photos Released Of Couple From Oakland A’s Game

Photos Released Of Couple From Oakland A’s Game

A couple went viral in late August of this year after video emerged of them seemingly getting a little overly-intimate at an Oakland A’s baseball game.

For obvious reasons, the clip of them doing what they were doing spread like wildfire.

This week, a fresh update to the story emerged.

In an effort to track down the alleged perpetrators, officials released a photo of them:

Photos Released Of Couple From Oakland A’s Game 1

(via TMZ)

To date no arrests have been made. If and when police do track the couple down, they are facing a particularly hefty jail sentence.

Interestingly enough, the couple at the A’s game set off a spree of similar behavior at other baseball outings. A couple at a recent Toronto Blue Jays game also got busted seemingly doing the same thing.

In fact, there is a case to be made that the Blue Jays couple was even more brazen:

Reactions to that particular situation were roughly what you would expect:

Time will tell what fate awaits that couple.

One way or another, if this happens again, MLB will likely have to step in and do something about the security at games.

But if it doesn’t, these couple of incidents will likely be forgotten sooner rather than later.

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