Prison Sentence For Oakland A’s Couple From ‘Intimate’ Video

Prison Sentence For Oakland A’s Couple From ‘Intimate’ Video

Earlier this week a couple went viral after allegedly getting a little too rambunctious at a baseball game between the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners.

For obvious reasons, the pair captivated the sports-watching community with their creative way to pass the time at an undeniably dull event. Video of the incident largely speaks for itself.

That said, while everyone had some laughs about what transpired, legally-speaking it is no joking matter.

The reality of that began to sink in this weekend.

According to TMZ, police are now actively investigating the situation.

“If charged and ultimately convicted, we’re told the penalty for the offense is up to 6 months behind bars and/or a fine of up to $1,000,” the report added.

Six months in jail for something of this nature is scary.

It’s a lot more serious than some of these jokes people made would suggest:

This has been a pretty crazy few weeks in sports. It feels like everyone is getting weirdly frisky all of a sudden. Just yesterday, UFC star Connor McGregor uploaded (and then immediately deleted) a video of him seemingly in the middle of an extremely intimate act.

Now this.

Baseball, in general, has been in the headlines nonstop for weird stuff. First there were Kate Upton’s provocative photos. Then Olivia Dunne’s escapades — which made for an undeniably viral video.

America’s sport is on quite the run.

What will ultimately happen to this Oakland A’s couple when the legal system determines their fate?

Time will tell.

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