Conor McGregor’s Intimate Boat Video Goes Viral

Conor McGregor’s Intimate Boat Video Goes Viral

Conor McGregor was and continues to be the biggest name in all of mixed martial arts.

Although Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unquestionably the king of combat sports in general, McGregor is right behind him.

Any time McGregor does anything, it immediately goes mega-viral. Sometimes it’s something good, like him saving small businesses. Other times it’s something not so good.

On Saturday, McGregor found himself trending for something that falls into that latter category. It would appear McGregor uploaded a video of himself having a particularly good time on a boat:

With social media being what it is nowadays, reactions to McGregor’s post poured in immediately.

They largely speak for themselves:

Big picture, this is unlikely to phase McGregor too much one way or the other. This is a guy who made a fortune off Proper 12 and is going around buying very expensive and extremely explicit watches.

He doesn’t give a fook, as he himself might say.

Obviously there is a bit of embarrassment here for some of the parties involved, but it’ll likely be forgotten sooner rather than later.

Will McGregor go viral for a fighting-related accomplishment ever again?

It’s hard to say at this point.

But is he guaranteed to be a mainstay in the headlines for his various actions in the outside world?


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