Blue Jays Fans Kicked Out For Getting Intimate At Game (Video)

Blue Jays Fans Kicked Out For Getting Intimate At Game (Video)

Two Toronto Blue Jays fans were kicked out of a recent game after allegedly getting caught getting intimate in their seats.

This week the Blue Jays squared off against the Chicago Cubs in a battle of middling squads. The latter is 55-74 on the year and sits in third place in the NL Central; the former is 69-58 and sits third in the AL East.

While you can make the case that Toronto at least has something to play for given that they are only eight games back of the collapsing New York Yankees, it’s still hard to see them jumping both the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Needless to say – it’s difficult to blame fans for trying to find new and creative ways to keep themselves engaged this season. And apparently that is precisely what happened on Monday night.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Social media, being what it is these days, had some strong reactions to what apparently transpired:

This is obviously the second time something of this nature has occurred. A couple of weeks ago a couple was spotted seemingly getting hot and heavy at an Oakland A’s game.

This week, that pair learned of the very serious prison time consequences of their actions at that outing.

Time will tell if this couple will quickly discover the same.

Why is this happening so frequently all of a sudden? Is there something in the air? Something in the water?

Who knows.

But clearly folks are throwing caution to the wind at baseball games in favor of a good time.

Will history repeat itself again before the end of the regular season?

Time will tell.

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