Lakers Star LeBron James’ 1 Big Issue With Miami Heat

Lakers Star LeBron James’ 1 Big Issue With Miami Heat

LeBron James experienced arguably the most successful run of his career when he won two championships with the Miami Heat.

James was a South Beach resident from 2010 to 2014, and during that run he captured multiple titles, Finals MVPs, regular season MVPs and All-Defensive First-Team nods.

Most regard James’ stint with Miami as the most impressive of his career.

This week, ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst offered an interesting tidbit on James’ time with the Heat.

Apparently, there was always one thing holding him back a bit: a lack of comfortability.

“I think he’s making a decision, which by the way, he has every right to, he’s making a decision like this is where I want to be at the end of my career,” he told Bill Simmons.

“He was never totally comfortable in Miami. As soon as the season ended, he was out of there back to Akron. “Maybe even if he played in L.A. at that time of his life, that would have been the way he was. He was never comfortable there. He’s comfortable in L.A. His roots are in.”

It’s hard to argue with Windhorst’s assessment. James has made it clear there is really only one circumstance under which he would want to leave Los Angeles. Clearly he loves it there.

Does it come with certain drama and female trappings? Sure. James has learned that lesson firsthand this year.

But clearly that’s a price he is willing to pay.

James may still return to Cleveland before his career ends. It is widely believed there is one condition under which he would come back to the Cavaliers.

Aside from that, though – James will likely remain in L.A. for the long haul.

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