Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos)

Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos)

LeBron James is one of the best NBA players to ever live. In some people’s books, he is the all-time greatest.

In addition to that, James is also wildly successful off the court. He is a billionaire, has a tremendous family and is widely respected in many facets of life.

Unfortunately, that has turned him into a bit of a target. Some of his foes are in the media. Others are among the most powerful men in America. And some are just random females on social media.

This weekend, a model decided to expose James for allegedly creeping on her Instagram:


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Unfortunately for the young woman in question, she didn’t end up getting the reaction she thought she would get for the revelation.

Instead, folks responded like this:

Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos) 1 Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos) 2 Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos) 3 Model Exposes LeBron James, Pays The Price (Photos) 4


It got so bad that she ended up having to set her Instagram on private altogether.

This isn’t the first time a woman has tried to expose a pro athlete only for it to blow up in her face. Something similar famously happened to former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown. Twice.

You’d think people would learn, but obviously not.

James frequently finds himself as the target of various salacious allegations. Even public encounters that he has with beautiful women who aren’t his wife, Savannah, are analyzed to no end.

He is used to it.

But the women? They aren’t.

Time will tell if James will even bother addressing what transpired this past weekend. He may ignore it altogether given that he was barely impacted by it at all.

That said, the way this whole ordeal blew up in the model’s face will likely serve as a warning for other women who try to do the same thing.

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