Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Oscars Outfits Cause A Stir (Photos)

Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Oscars Outfits Cause A Stir (Photos)

Ciara and Russell Wilson made quite the splash at the Oscars this weekend.

Widely regarded as arguably the most popular couple in all of football, Ciara and Wilson opted to take their talents to Hollywood on Sunday for the grandest awards show of them all.

Both made it a point to dress nicely for the occasion, but Ciara really took things to the next level.

It made for quite the spectacle and led to some strong reactions from across the spectrum.


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“There she is,” one person wrote.

“If her husband is fine with it, that’s all approval that truly matters,” another fan added.

“All of you in here talking about: ‘it’s too much for a married woman’ according to whose standards? Who invented this standard that married woman are supposed to abide by?? Leave her alone. This is her page. You lot say the same boring rubbish every time,” a third person chimed in.

Wilson and Ciara have obviously been in the headlines nonstop over the past few weeks. Between their wild recent beach day escapades, intimate Valentine’s Day celebration and general way of expressing their love publicly, it has been one thing after another.

This Oscars brouhaha is just par for the course.

In a week where Katherine Webb’s provocative outfit at an XFL game generated a lot of buzz and Trevor Lawrence’s wife’s wild weekend party pictures caused a stir, it’s safe to say that Ciara has successfully found a way to steal the show.

Entertainment stuff side, this is shaping up to be a massive year for Wilson.

After his disastrous inaugural campaign with the Denver Broncos, many believe he is washed. The only thing that can alter that perception is bouncing back with a bang in Year 2.

Can Wilson return to being a top-tier quarterback in 2023? Will he be able to lead the Broncos in the way the franchise envisioned when they wasted all their cap space and draft capital on him last summer? Time will tell.

Either way, though Ciara will definitely be there cheering Wilson on every step of the way.

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