Ja Morant’s Behavior Elicits Complaints From Club Dancers

Ja Morant’s Behavior Elicits Complaints From Club Dancers

Ja Morant continues to be away from the Memphis Grizzlies this week following a series of unfortunate incidents.

Morant, 23, came under scrutiny recently following a unfortunate matter where he appeared to brandish a firearm after a night out clubbing. Given that this came on the heels of other similarly troublesome situations, he was sidelined immediately by his team.

This week, fresh details emerged of Morant’s conduct when he was out partying at clubs surrounded by girls. Specifically, dancers revealed how it made them feel to see him with a gun.

“The gun, however, ‘absolutely terrified’ Shotgun girls in the backroom, claimed one dancer who wasn’t in the VIP room but heard complaints from her coworkers,” the New York Post reported.

“‘He pulled the white boy excuse card: ‘I’m just going through a lot right now, so I’m going to act [like] a fool and put other people’s lives at risk,’ she said.”


Morant’s behavior wasn’t wholly condemned, though. Apparently, he did drop a bunch of money at the club. According to a pair of workers, the Grizzlies star left $50,000 in cash tips.

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here. Memphis has made it clear that Morant must meet a series of conditions before he is permitted to return to the squad.

The 23-year-old is also staring down the barrel of a stiff suspension from the NBA.

It’s quite the fall from grace for a guy who some viewed as a potential face of the league and who very recently made headlines for taking Drake’s girl.

A lot about where Morant is at mentally will be made clear by how he chooses to return from all this.

Either he will view it as a learning experience and bounce back stronger, or he will double down on his antics.

If the latter scenario comes to fruition, it really wouldn’t be all that shocking to see Morant’s story end in very sad fashion before it’s all said and done.

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