Charissa Thompson’s Provocative Outfit Causes Stir On NFL Sunday (Photos)

Charissa Thompson’s Provocative Outfit Causes Stir On NFL Sunday (Photos)

Charissa Thompson is one of the most highly-regarded sports broadcasters of her generation.

In recent years, Thompson has become something of a mainstay on NFL Sundays. As a prominent part of FOX’s TV programming, fans have grown accustomed to seeing her on a weekly basis.

This week, Thompson made headlines as she often does. This time for her provocative outfit choice ahead of the most recent sleight of games.

The outfit speaks for itself:

Charissa Thompson’s Provocative Outfit Causes Stir On NFL Sunday (Photos) 1

Needless to say, the brightness of Thompson’s attire left quite the impression.

Fans immediately flocked to social media to react:

The folks on Instagram had some reactions, too:

“My favorite look of yours,” one person wrote.

“Orange crush,” a second added.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Thompson has blown up online like this. Between her racy airplane story, her memorable Thursday Night Football attire causing a stir and her legendary wild dress on last month’s FOX Sunday morning show – it has been one thing after another with her.

One of the big reasons why Thompson is such a hit with fans is because of her easy-going nature. Even when she discusses tough topics like her intimate leaked private pictures or her confessions about her new man, she does it in a way that makes her super accessible.

It’s a key part of her charm.

Thompson is a key part of every NFL weekend.

Sundays simply would not be the same without her.

What will she ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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