Bronny James’ Latest NBA Player Comparison

Bronny James’ Latest NBA Player Comparison

Bronny James is currently in the midst of deciding where he will go to college.

As many as nine prominent universities initially pitched the eldest son of LeBron James, but eventually his list of frontrunners was whittled down to three.

Between the various hints he has dropped and just the overall buzz coming out of the James camp, it feels like a favorite for Bronny’s services exists.

But nothing will be official until he makes the announcement.

Regardless of where Bronny will go to college, though – the NBA seems inevitable for him. It may happen after one year. It may happen after four. Either way, when he does come out, many are curious to see what sort of player he ends up being in the league.

Bronny’s best-case scenario player comparison is known, but what is his likeliest scenario player comparison?

According to John Hollinger of The Athletic, Bronny reminds him a lot of Gary Harris.

“Having seen him in practice all week in addition to Saturday’s game, I estimate that James has a credible case to be a one-and-done in 2024,” Hollinger wrote.

“He’s a good athlete with tremendous leaping ability, he has a nice-looking jump shot with his feet set, and he knows how to play. At this time, he is not much of a threat to make plays as a ball handler, and he’s a bit undersized for a shooting guard.

“As a prospect, he reminds me a lot of Gary Harris, and I think he’d be looking at a somewhat similar trajectory as a 3-and-D shooting guard. James has still not made his college choice, but whispers about USC made their way around the Hoop Summit.”

Harris may not be the first player folks would expect to see draw comparisons to Bronny, but the reality is that he is a respected NBA veteran.

He has been in the league since 2014 and has been a fairly reliable double digit scorer and defensive stalwart throughout his career.

Bronny could do a lot worse than be another Gary Harris. Is that what the future ultimately holds for him, though? Time will tell.

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